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Welcome to the Communication Internship Program at SC&I
Communication Undergraduate Internship Program

Communication Undergraduate Internship Program

Department of Communication

School of Communication & Information (SC&I)

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Welcome to the Department of Communication Internship Course Guide and Application Link

This Website offers information on how to:

  • identify your internship options and find the right internship for you
  • receive credit while interning with a company or organization
  • manage your workload as a student and intern

The 2 Internship Courses offered by the Department of Communication are explained and the link to the application site is provided.

 Embarassed Please notice that Internship in Communication 1 (04:192:369) is offered in Fall of 2015.  Internship in Communication 2 (04:192:370) is not being offered.Embarassed

Supervisors at Internship Sites can also find information on what to expect from students and how to participate in the program.

Additional questions?  Contact:    This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Links in Navigation Pane:

  1. Welcome to the Communication Undergraduate Internship Program
  2. Internship basics: for Credit or not for Credit?
  3. Getting Started:  How to find the right internship for you
  4.  Some Examples:  Where can a Communication Major find an Internship?
  5. Choosing an Internship Site:  Research the Organization/Company first
  6. Workload Issues:  What to consider before applying for the internship courses
  7. Internship 1 (369) & 2 (370):  The Internship Course Options
  8. Overview of Internship 1 (04:192:369)
  9. Overview of Internship 2 (04:192:370)
  10. Application Process:  How to receive special permission to register
  11. Supervisor’s Information:  What is required from an internship site supervisor (employer)
  12. Internship Supervisor Evaluation Letter
  13. For Prospective Employers of Interns