Overview of Internship in Communication (04:192:369)

Guidelines for meeting course requirements

Before you begin with the course you must:

  • Negotiate clearly your hours and responsibilities with your supervisor
  • View the mandatory online course orientation
  • Read through the course syllabus (See Attached sample Syllabus)
  • Review the course Sakai site
    • This course is conducted completely online
    • There are no class meetings, you must manage your time independently.

During the course you must:

  • Review all course assignments and meet requirements and deadlines for full points
    • Complete 3 Surveys
    • Participate in the 2 online dialogue discussions on Reflector
    • Submit written essays for portfolio parts 1, 2 & 3 on your internship experience.
    • Complete the minimum of 100 hours at your internship site
    • Ensure that your supervisor has submitted an Evaluation for you
    • Check your emails regularly for information and updates, read all course Announcements.

We understand that a few students might be unhappy with their site and internship.

If you are unhappy or dissatisfied you must take responsibility:

  • Contact and Discuss the situation with the Internship Course Coordinator.
  • Review the agreement you made with your supervisor about internship.
  • Talk with your supervisor about the situation and find a way to make it better.

(If you were to leave the internship and still wanted to receive credit and grade for the Internship in Communication course then you must secure another internship where you can reach your required 100 hours. You must fulfill the course requirements at your new site.)

Evaluation guideline:

  • A student’s grade in the internship courses is based on the quality of the work completed for the online course.
  • All criteria of assessment are provided on Sakai with the course assignments.
  • The supervisor’s evaluation is required at the end of the semester but is a pass/fail component.

The grade is based on the work completed in the course plus meeting the obligation of 100 hours on site as certified by the supervisor’s letter at the end of the semester.