How to Offer Internships to Our Majors

Please review this entire website so that you understand the goals and requirements of the Internship in Communication course. You may offer internships that do not require academic credits. To offer an internship opportunity, please visit the website Career Services at SC&I to post your opportunity. Providing a Paid vs Unpaid Internship Please review the federal regulations on what constitutes a paid or unpaid internship and comply with these regulations: Students who are registered in the Internship in Communication Course are required to work a minimum of 100 hours and should determine a start and end date and regular hours before they begin an internship. Timing the Internship Announcement The deadline for completing the application to the internship course is the first week of classes for the semester of the internship.

  • For the summer semester, the deadline is the first day of classes in the first session of classes.
  • Applications must be completed in full, by the deadline, to be reviewed and to receive special permission to register.

On the Career Services at SC&I website please provide a brief description, including the information below:

  • The Company/Organization name, address and website
  • The internship position title
  • The general professional area in which the internship takes place.  For example: Advertising and marketing, Communications management, Social Media.
  • The geographic location of the internship
  • Description of the position.  What kind of work will the intern be involved in? What will the intern learn at your organization?
  • Requirements – Clarify expectations, required experience, special or preferred skills.
  • Compensation – Does the internship offer pay or a stipend for travel or meals?
  • Employer information – Please provide contact information including the name and email address of the intern’s supervisor.
  • Application Requirements:  Specify what candidates should send to apply (cover letter, resume, writing samples or recommendations)

Please be aware that:

  • We have more internship opportunities than students, so make the best offer possible.
  • We cannot guarantee that your internship offer will be filled.
  • The students are most concerned with the quality of the experience offered by the internship site and how that experience may lead to future opportunities.

Evaluating interns enrolled in the Internship in Communication Course

  • The students enrolled in the internship course are evaluated and graded on the successful completion of the online course requirements.
  • The course instructor is responsible for all grades.
  • Supervisors are required to provide an evaluation confirming total number of hours worked at the end of the internship period.