Internship Course Options

Internship 1 (04:192:369)

Internship in Communication I (04:192:369)
Counts as 3 credits towards your major in Communication.

Open by application only to Communication majors accepted to the School of Communication & Information

You must have an internship set up with an employer (including a signed letter in .pdf form confirming that internship) and a completed application by the semester application deadline for a special permission number to be issued.

Course Description: Practical field experience in intercultural, international, interpersonal, group, organizational, HR, mass communication or social/new media; or public relations, marketing and advertising.


  • GPA of 2.5 or above in your Communication Major; GPA of 2.5 overall
  •  04:192:200 Communication Theory
  • Special Permission Number issued by Communication Internship Course instructor.

Apply online by going to the Application Process section on this website where you will be linked to the Online Application Website.

You may also have the option of taking an Internship Course through University Career Services for credit.

Follow this link for information on that option called RICC .