Workload Issues

What to consider before applying for the internship courses

Before you consider an internship course in your next semester consider these workload issues:

  • How many courses are you already planning to take in the semester?
  • How demanding will the courses you are taking be on your schedule?
  • Do you have the  time to devote 100 hours or more to an internship?
  • Do you understand that taking on more than the required 100 hours will not improve your grade in this course
  • Do you have time to commute to and from the internship in addition to the work hours?
  • Can you afford to commute to this internship if it is unpaid?
  • Are you prepared to take an online course and be responsible for meeting course obligations without regular class meetings?

Here is what you will gain in the internship course:

  • The online support of your peers and internship coordinator as you make the most of your internship experience while earning credits toward your major and graduation.
  • The insight and expert analytical thinking skills required for complex communication issues at work developed through reflection on your internship experience in the courses.
  • An understanding of your competencies and expertise as you make connections between coursework and what you experience in professional life.
  • Recognition of the complexities of the professional world as the course guides you through the negotiation of these multi-leveled relationships and helps you to build networking skills.
  • Professional skills in meeting deadlines, participating in structured online dialogues, communicating with others about required tasks, and managing feedback on your work products.