Choosing an Internship Site: Research the Organization/Company First

When researching and interviewing with a company or organization consider the following:

How long has the company or organization been in business?

  • If the organization or company has just been created, is the organizational structure settled so you will have an opportunity to learn or will you be witnessing the “growing pains” of a new organization?

How much of the company or organization will you be able to experience?

  • Will you see how all departments work together? Rotate through departments? Or will you have a focused experience in one section of the company/organization?

Have they had interns at this company or organization before? 

  • Is there an organized, proven internship program or is this their first experience with managing a student intern?Will you have a cohort of interns to learn with or will you be the only intern in the company/organization?

Will you be assigned duties that will build on the theory and concepts you have studied in your major?

  • Will any training be offered as you begin your internship?
  • Will you be given specific tasks vital to the organization and the field you wish to learn?
  • Will you have regular duties that will be evaluated so you can build competencies?
  • Will you interact with other departments or with clients directly?
  • Are there technical skills/applications that you could practice before you begin?

Will the supervisor be able to mentor your growth and offer you learning opportunities?

  • Is your supervisor always on site while you are working or, if not, will you always have a contact in the organization to answer any questions that might arise?
  • How many interns has your supervisor worked with in the past?
  • What advice can your supervisor offer, before you begin, to help you ensure success?
  • How often will you be given feedback on your work products?

Has your supervisor read through this website and does he/she understand the commitment the company/organization is making to you and the Department of Communication?